Budapest Contemporary – international visitor program

The Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries began its program ’Budapest Contemporary’ in May 2012, launched in order to deepen relations between international art-professionals and participants of the Hungarian art scene. Its main objective is the exchange of information and the initiation of cultural relations, for this purpose the Association invites foreign art professionals, like journalists, curators and critics to introduce them to the local art scene, as well as to show them Hungarian art represented by the numerous commercial galleries of Budapest. We provide a complete program for the duration of their stay always adjusting it to the interests of the guest(s) in question, these include gallery visits, tours of the most important contemporary art institutes as well as participations in other cultural events taking place in Budapest.

Nemzeti Erőforrás Minisztérium Nemzeti Kultúrális Alap

The program was supported by the Ministry of National Resources and National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

Budapest Contemporary program 2012-13 press release

Turkish Visitors, May, 2013

Hungarian gallerists and collectors with the Turkish visitors


Beatrix Ruf, March, 2013

Beatrix Ruf


Jacopo Crivelli Visconti, February, 2013

Jacopo Crivelli Visconti


Fulya Erdemci and Bige Örer, January, 2013

Fulya Erdemci and Bige Örer


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